Patrick Mahon is me. I'm the host, or the Father, I guess. JD might be the Holy Spirit and Aaron is the Son. With our powers combined we have very little value. BUT sometimes we can be funny, so you should take a listen. You should mostly just listen to the podcast for more personal info on us if that's what you're looking for. I'll give you the basics. I've been doing standup for 6ish years. I love it, but I'm antisocial and traveling and parenting is unrealistic, so here we are.

I guess I'd describe JD Wesley as a co-host and curmudgeon of the podcast. I don't really know a lot about his personal life. I'd like to keep it that way.

Aaron Nickens is the latest addition to the podcast. He steals from stores and is a know groundsandwich eater.

That should bring you up to speed. For any other questions, just email us at